What is an ultrasound?

Ultrasounds during pregnancy refer to the use of sound waves to produce an image of your unborn baby. This image can be seen on a screen, so you and your doctor are able to view the inside of your womb.

Why is an ultrasound important?

Ultrasounds help your doctor to check for any problems that might occur during your pregnancy, and allow him or her to monitor important information such as your baby’s size and position. Certain tests can also be conducted through the use of an ultrasound, which can help to pick up on any birth defects or pregnancy-associated problems.

What kinds of ultrasounds are there?

Ultrasounds are available in 2D, 3D and 4D versions. A standard ultrasound displays an image in two dimensions, while the 3D option presents a 3D dimensional, static image. Technological advances mean that a 4D ultrasound is now available – this allows you to see your baby’s movement. 4D ultrasound scanning shows a very detailed image of what is happening inside the womb, particularly in the final stages of pregnancy when it is possible to see the baby’s face and movements such as baby yawning, or her sucking fingers.

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